The Early History

The Rotary Club of Rajkot was founded in the year 1938 and is the oldest Club in the Saurashtra region and the third oldest in R.I. District 306. The first meeting was organised on 10th August, 1938 and the Club admitted to the Rotary fold on 9th December of the same year. Formal presenta­tion of Charter No. 4894 was made on 22nd January, 1939. The late Dr. D.H. Variava was the founder President leading a team of sixteen founder members including three Englishmen. Late PDG. Dr. A.P. Mehta was also a founder member. In the first few years the Club held fortnightly meetings' at members' places, the Rajkumar college and the Dharmendrasinhji College. Since 1943 the venue for club meetings has been the Masonic Hall. Weekly meeting started from the year 1947 in terms of a resolution adopted at the District Conference and by Rotary Internet ional .

Rajkot was the seat of the then Kathiawar Agency and could boast of a citizenship comprising of able adminis­trators, lawyers and professional men. Since its inception the Club has been blessed with a membership comprising of individuals making significant contributions to the life of the Club.


When our Club came into existence the first District 89 was being formed from the Provisional District 'A1 Calcutta which was the sponsor of R.I. District 89. Soon in 1939, R.I.District 89 gave birth to R.I. District 88. Again in 1945-46 the two parent Districts bifurcated into as many as nine Districts covering India, Burma and Ceylon. Our Club remained with District 89 until 1949-50 when the R.I District Number was changed to 51. In 1952-53 the Rotary Clubs of Hyderabad and Karachi (Pakistan) came into our District 51 which was reorganised into District 305 in 1957-58 The District 306 came into existence in 1970-71.

District Government from Rajkot

The Late Rtn. A. P. Mehta, a founder member of our Club was elected Dist. Governor at the Indore Conference of R.I. District 89 of 1947-48. Years later the young and energetic Rtn. Harshukhbhai S. Sanghvi made his mark by being elected to this post of R.I. District in 1958-59. Thereafter Rtn. Narandas Thacker elected as DG for the 1985-86 in March 1984 by postal ballot soon after Vapi Conference held in Feb. 1984

Sponsoring Other Rotary Clubs

The Rotary Club of Rajkot has been the sponsor of Rotary the community and held in high esteem. This) sustained emphasis on the quality spect of Club membership has been carried to this day.

In 1943 Sir V.T.Krishnamachari the then Dewan of Baroda State was entertained to a grand garden party by the Club and Col. Gaisford and H.H.Thakore Saheb of Rajkot were made the first Honorary Members. At an early age of eight the Club had the honour and privilege to host the Rotary District Conference of the then R.I. District 89 from March 1-3 1946. The Conference was inaugurated by Lt.Col Hancock, C.I.E., O.B.E., the Resident of Baroda, Gujarat and Western India States. Rtn. Governor Sardar Davar T.K.Modi of Surat conducted the deliberations. The host President, Late Khan Bahadur N.R. Green and Conference Secretaries Rtn. S.M.Masani and the Late Rtn. Dr. A.P, Mehta did everything to make the conference a success. A resolution to hold weekly meetings in place of fortnightly was passed. Rotary International was requested to protest against the discriminatory treat and non admission of Indians to Rotary Clubs in South Africa.

On 9th October, 1946 Rtn. ‘Governor I.R.Bhagat held his Club Assembly at Rajkot when Rtn.Masani was the President and Rtn Ratan Colah the Hon. Secretary. Both of them rendered valuable services to the Club.

Clubs of Jamnagar 1949), Porbandar 1959), Surendranagar, Amreli Gandhidham, Gondal, Jetpur, Limbdi and Wankaner. Currently efforts are under way to sponsor new Club at Dwarka & Rajkot Additional Club.

Getting a 'Service' Orientation

With the advent of Independence and the formation of the United State of Saurashtra, Rotary activities received a new direction. Community Development Projects were vigorously pursued by Government and there was an all round fervour to held bring hope and glow into the lives of the rural folk. Purposeful service projects were undertaken by President Janubhai Baxi (1952-53) and Rtn. PP. Jamubhai Mody. A Rotary Bal Mandir was started in the year 1953-5A. The local T.B. Clinic received active support and 1,000 bulbs of streptomycin were donated. The Club had embarked on its adventure in service.

In the year of Rotary's Golden Anniversary

The year 1955 was Rotary's Golden Anniversary year and every Club was requested by the then District Governor Rtn. Yusuff N Chinoy of Karanchi to start some anniversary project as a fitting celebration. Rtn. Gajanandbhai Joshi was the Club President (1954-55). A Rotary Bal Mandir was started in the Refugee Colony, Rajkot. Our Club decided to do something tangible in community Development Work then undertaken by the Government of Saurashtra. India lived in the Villages and the scope of real service was also to be found there Our Rural -Urban Relation Committee therefore conducted a Socioeconomic survey of the rural belt around Rajkot and villages of Madhapar (3-1/2 miles from Rajkot) was adopted as a Rotary Village. During the Presidentships of PDG Rtn. Harsukhbhai Sanghvi 1955-56) and Rtn PP Sanatbhai Kothari 1956-57) the focus of activity was at Madhapar As a result the village road was repaired and leveled the village water through cleaned and a huge pond of water was filled. Rotarians actually worked with the villagers in these efforts. The residents of Madhapar were further enthused by the constant visits and untiring zeal of the committee headed by Rtn. PP. Pranlal M. Joshi. The work of demolition of the old Chora-acommunity meeting cum religion place- and building of a pucca new one was undertaken under the Community Development Scheme. Rotarian engineers guided and supervised the work. It stands as permanent monument of Rotary activity. The foundation stone of the chora was laid by the Hon. Shri Rasikbhai Parikh, the then Chief Minister of Saurashtra and the whole village was en fete. This new line of rural service In Rotary activity was highly appreciated by all present and was later emulated by other bodies. Electricity was brought to Madhapar by the efforts of the Club and thus new light entered the lives of the villagers. A playground for the children was provided and repair of two drinking water wells carried out. A Health Clinic also started.

Rotary Institute Meetings

Rtn. Harshukhbhai Sanghvi was second time elected as President of the Club for 1957-58. A Rotary Institute meeting was held at Rajkot on 10th November, 1957. Past District Governor Bhandari conducted the deliberations. Rotarians from far away Clubs as Indore, Bhopal and Ajmer were present.

Breaking New Ground

After putting Madhapar well on its way the Club adopted Gadhka as its next Rotary village for the year 1958-59. The year was important in the annual of the Rotary Club of Rajkot. The District 305 of R.I. (Old District 89) had elected Rtn. PP. Harshukhbhai Sanghvi of our Club as the District Governor. His election was considered an honour to the Club and it was decided to celebrate it not in the usual manner but by an act of greater service distinguished from community service of the past years. Thus the Club concentrated its full strength in organising its first Eye Camp at the newly adopted village of Gadhka in co-operation with Dr. Shivanand Adhvaryoo and his devoted band of workers from the Divine Life Society. In all 700 patients were examined in 12-15 villages around Gadhka and 200 operations were performed.

For a small village far from the main route the resources of the Club were strained to the utmost to make the Camp a success All the Rotarians and Rotaryannes rose to the occasion and gave of their best for the full duration of the camp. The Late Rtn. PP.Mohanbhai Amin and former Rtn. PP. Vipinbhai Bawishi representing the engineers and builders classifications went all out with their equipment and men to make the branch road to Gadhka comfortably motorable. They also rendered yeoman services in setting up the camp facilities. The Camp apart from its humanitarian aspect of service in relieving eye diseases had a unique feature of bringing the rural and urban communities much nearer. Every evening different programmers on hygiene, family planning eye care were held. The Camp ended with a gala dinner in which patients and villagers sat together Rotarians and Rotaryannes with a sense of fulfillment. Rtn. PP. Umakantbhai Pandit (1958-59) and Rtn. Secretary Vinoobhai Vasavada provided the fountain head of energy and enthusiasm to which all members of the Club added their share. The Club contributed Rs.6,0007- towards this Eye Camp. The spirit of fellowship and personal participation generated by the Eye Camp at • GadhKa :became the, forerunner of many more Eye Camps organised by the Camp in years thereafter.

Asia Regional Conference

The Asian Regional Conference of Rotary International was held in New Delhi from November 21-24, 1958. A big contingent from our Club attended the same.

Visit of R.I. President

R.I. President Clifford Randall paid a special visit to Rajkot on 30th November, 1958. It was a big day for the Rotary Clubs of Saurashtra and Rajkot in particulars Thanks to District Governor Harsukhbhai Sanghvi 1958-59) for bringing 'Cliff to Rajkot whose speech at the Connought Hall still lingers in the minds of many Rotarians who had the privilege to hear him. Our sponsored Club of Gondal received its Charter at the worthy hands of R.I. President Randall. A banquet was arranged at the Sardar Baug. Cliff's message was 'Help Shape The Future.

The Torch is Carried On

The year 1959-60 was in charge of Rtn. President Pranlal Joshi who sustained and carried forward the good work done and the enthusiasm generated during the previous years. A second ,Eye Camp was organised at the P.O. Malaviya Commerce College premises for the benefit of the rural community around Rajkot. Rtn. Governor Sunderlal Soghani also made a favorable report on our Club to Rotary International The status of the Club was enhanced in the eyes of the public of our town and surrounding district. Gadhka our adopted village was flood striken that year and members rallied to offer all help. The Club also donated fund for relief work in Kutch and Surat. The orphans of the Kathiawar Nirashvit Balashram also received the Club's attention and Children's Day was celebrated thereafter for a number of years with the inmates of the Ashram. The . inspiration and spirit of service thus kindled was burning bright in the hearts of the members of the Club. Bulletin Editor, Dr. V.D. Gajjar in this editorial of July 1960 mentioned as under :-

" The Rotary Wheel moves on. Another year starts presenting fresh opportunities for exploring new fields of service for us, who have an urge to serve and wish to adhere faithfully to the ideal of service which raises us above the humdrum of our daily lives. Last year's team has done a magnificent job..... It is now for the new team to girdle up the loins and take up the challenge of service. ' A long pull, a strong pull and a pull all together' best describes the teamwork that is necessary for an aspiring Club".

And it did happen. An astute banker President Rtn. Vinaykant Mehta ushered in a new concept of personal service. The President led Rotarians to Choki and Jetpur to render help to the flood striken villages, distri­buting clothes and food packets. Help to crippled children received special attention that year resulting in a handsome donation of a Rs.20,000/- Physio-Therapy Unit to the Children's Hospital, Rajkot. The "Rajkot Rotary Club Community Service Trust Fund" was initiated during this year. Notable guest speakers were chief Guest H.E. Nawab Mehdi Nawaz Jung then Governor of Gujarat and Miss Malti Hakku, a foundation Fellow.

Senior Rotarians

Our Club is blessed with a band of senior Rotarians who bring esteem to it on account of their contributions in various walks of civic life. Rtn. PP. Jamubhai Mody has twice graced the Presidentship 1953-5A and 1961-62). Others are Rtn.PP. Pranlal Joshi (1959-60 and 1969-70) and Rtn. PDG Harshukhbhai Sanghvi 1954-55, 1957-58 and 1967-68). Rtn. Ramnikbhai G. Kamdar and Rtn. PP. Umakantbhai Pandit have always counselled wisely

During 1961-62 our Club invited the members of the "Experi­ment in International Living"- 8 girls and 7 boys for home stay. Musical instruments were donated to the school for the Blind.

Silver Jubilee Year 1962-63

The Club hosted a second District Conference at Rajkot in the year of its Silver Jubilee with Rtn. Shashikantbhai Mehta as Club president. Rtn. PDG. R.K. Patel of Ahmedabad was elected as District Governor Nominee at this conference. Held in the newly built central hall of the Swaminarayan Gurukul, the conference was well attended and a memorable event. The executive Committee consisted of Rtn. K.P. Narayanan (Governor Rtn. PDG. Harsukhbhai Sanghvi (Chairman), Rtn. PP. Umakantbhai Pandit (Secretory), Rtns. PP. Dinker P. Joshi and Vipinbhai V. Bawishi Joint Secretaries) and Rtn. Ramnikbhai G. Kamdar Treasurer Another Eye Camp was organised at the Nandwana Brahmin Boarding in co-operation with Dr. Shivanand Adhvaryu and his team from the Virnagar Hospital. The presence of Rev. Swami Chidanandji Maharaj of the Divine Life Society at this Camp and his daily spiritual discourses will always be remembered.

Around the mid-sixties

The late Rtn. PP. Mohanbhai Amin (1963-64) took over the Presidentship from Shashikantbhai. A renowned building contractor and builder of the mighty Bhadar Dam, Mohanbhai will be long remembered for his earnestness to be of service in any cause for the common good. Affectionately called 'Baron' he hosted a most enjoyable picnic at Bhadar Dam when work on its construction was in full swing. An Eye Camp was organised during- his year.

The Rotary tourch was handed over to the Late Rtn. PP. Jeshtharambhai Karachiwala (1964-65) affectionately called 'Bapa1 An insuranceman of long experience and standing he exhuded warmth and fellowship thereby encouraging Rotarians to join in active participation He too organised an Eye Camp at the Nandwana Brahmin Boarding and enthused the younger Rotarians by his continued presence at the camp

Rtn. Balkrishna M. Shukla 1965-66) Regional Manager of the Bank of Baroda succeeded Rtn.PP. Karachiwala. A man of great taste and refinement. He encouraged interest in bird life and natural history. He went abroad on a Banking assignment and carried a movie of a Rotary Eye Camp that year for the benefit of Rotarians of our then matched Club of Berkeley, California, who incidentally were observ­ing their Golden Jubilee that year. Rtn. PP. Vipinbhai V. Bawishi assumed office at mid-term on account of the transfer of Rtn. PP. Balkrishnabhai Shukla

Former Rtn. PP. Vipinbhai Bawishi served Rotary well. His work bore the impress of a man of detail. He completely reorganised the working of our Club's office in Masonic Hall Annexe and scanned through the entire Club record from the time of inception. Whatever record of yester years is available today is due to his foresight in arranging for proper preservation of the same

Something new in Medical Aid

The first Deafness Camp was organised in the year of the Presidentship of Rtn.Dr.B.M. Sedalia (1966-67). Dr. A.B.R. Desai an eminent ENT surgeon from Bombay rendered professional services known as otosclerosis. Our matched Club of Berkeley, California provided the necessary Teflon pistons, free of cost. A Vocational Guidance Booklet was published for the benifit of students passing the Secondary School Certificate Examination.

No One for it

There came a time when younger Rotarians felt diffident to assume the office of Club president on account of their preoccupations in business or profession and Rtn. PDG Harshukhbhai Sanghvi had to shoulder this responsibility for the year 1967-68.

Rtn. PP. Mohanbhai Jobanputra (1968-69) kept the wheel of Rotary gearing. An Eye Camp was organised at Virnagar that year Once again there were no takersand Rtn. Pranlal Joshi had to assume office of the president for the year 1969-70.

Rajkot Diabetic Association

The Rajkot Diabetice Association was founded during the year of the Late Rtn. PP. Gulabbhai Parekh. A joint effort of the Rotary and Lions Clubs of Rajkot, the Association is rendering valuable service to the community and is managed as a separate Trust. A connoisseur of music and fine arts Gulabbhai was instrumental in founding the 'Sangeet Sabha1 in Rajkot. An Intercity Meeting was held at Rajkot during this year (1970-71).

Specialised Medical Aid

Specialised Medical Aid to the needy on a continuing basis round the year was initiated by Rtn. PP. Prabodhbhai Sheth (1971-72) at the Rotary Diagnostic Centre at Ramkrishna Ashram, Rajkot Eminent medical specialists of Rajkot rendered their voluntary services at this centre. The Interact Club of Rajkot was also started this year at the Sheth High School in Bhaktinagar.

The good work done was carried on by Rtn. PP. Bhupatbhai Sanghani 1972-73) who was for years rendered excellent service to the club in fostering fine fellowship which is the base for effective joint action in Rotary service. Specialised Medical Aid to the needy was afforded under Rotary auspices at the M.K. Ghiya Clinic in Rajkot for the full year. Rtn. PP. Bhupatbhai has also over the years ably represented our Club at the District level and fulfilled a number of District assignments.

The untimely demise of Rtn. PP. Chitubhai Dhruv (1973-74) was a great loss to our Club for he was full of promise to make his mark in Rotary. Rtn. PP. Vijaybhai Dholakia had to assume office midstream and carry on the good work initiated early in the year.

The Club jointly sponsored a seminar for instructions in Vocational guidence that year. Dr. Girish J. Rindani was selected as a member of the Group Study Exchange Team.

Along the Avenues

Rtn. PP. Padmakarbhai Masurekar 197A-75) carried the torch of Rotary along the avenues. He ably diversified the Club activi­ties in all the four avenues of Rotary Services. The first charity cinema show was held at Galaxy Cinema that year. The Club made hand­some donations the Rjkot Cancer Society, the society for Rehabilitation of Crippled Children, the School for the deaf and mute, the Kathiawar Nirashrit Balashram etc. The Club also donated a large sum to the Rajkot Relief Society for providing famine relief to the poor and needy and also for animal relief. A transalation of Telco's famous book on harmonius human relations in business and industry was distributed to all the Clubs in the District under Vocational Service. The Club became a "Friend of the Rotary Foundation' and renewed the spirit of Rotary under International Service. The Rotaract club of Rajkot was founded in this year with Rtn. Ashwin Sanghvi as chairman for Rotract activities. Amit Dhruv, son of Late Rtn. President Chitubhai Dhruv was sponsored as our candidate for the Rotary Foundation Educational Award for 1976-77. Amit very ably made his mark at the District level and got selected. Rtn. Dr. Kishor Doshi, an eminent ophthalmologist was selected as a member of the outgoing Group Study Exchange Team. "Four-Way Test" calenders depiciting asherpa with a backdrop of the mighty Himalayas were distributed to all members

Lest We Forget

Over the years the Shri Laxminarayan Dev Trust made significant financial contributions towards the Club's activities under medical Aid. The Club is indebted to former Rtn. Shivlalbhai Worah' and the Late Rtn. Gulabbhai T. Sheth for bringing these donations to Rotary. The trustees of the M.K. Ghiya Charitable Trust have always placed their Clinic facilities at our disposal. THe trustees of the Nandwana Brahmin Boarding have always helped us in times of holding of Eye Camp and Diagnotic Camps in Rajkot.

Maximum Conference Attended

Our grant old man of Rajkot Rotary Rtn. Beharam Nazir holds the District record for attending the maximum number of confe­rences.

Best Club Award

Club activities swelled in response to the call of R.I President Ernesto Imbassahy de Mello. With member involvement and participation at new high Rtn. PP. Dinkar Joshi was able to revive the activity of organising Rotary Eye Camps enabling members to once again experience the joy of group action. The 'Guest Speaker at Rotary Club' plaque bearing the Four-way test was introduced this year and presented to every non-Rotarians speakers. The Gujarati translation of Tleco's famous book 'Business is People* was distributed to over 100 business and Industrial houses in the district. A Speech Trainer was donated to the Deaf and Mute School, Rajkot by adding to the hand­some donation received by the club from the Rotary Club of Cochabamba,. Bolivia, S. America. Rs.SjOOO/- were contributed towards the Porbandar Rotary Cyclone Relief Fund & Rs.2,500/- towards the Rajkot District Family Planning Fund. Padma Vibhushana Dr. Salim All, the famous ornithologist was honoured at a joint function. Out Rotaractors donated Rs.5,000/- to the Rajkot Cancer Society and Rs.1,500/- to the Chief Minister's Cyclone Relief Fund. Substantial Rotary literature and audio­visual aids were indented from Rotary International Link Clubs of Wanstead and Woodford, Wombwell and Kirkintilloch of the United Kingdom donated Rs.8,300/- towards, our Rotary Eye Camp through the agency of the Royal Common Wealth Society for the Blind. The Club's Balanced performance in all the avenues, of Rotary service was quickly recognised when during the concluding session of the District Conference at Porbandar, in 1977 Rtn. Raja Bahadur Singh of Indore, Chairman District Awards Committee for 1975-76 made the announcement for trophies on behalf of Rtn. PDG. K. Kaplish. Rotarians of Rajkot could well pat their backs for their exemplatory performance in the year of "To Dignify The Human Being". Our Club was adjudged the Best Club in the District from amongst those whose membership was over 60. Our Rotaractors too performed well and the Club was awarded a trophy for its Best Rotaract Activity. Rtn. PP. Dinkar Joshi received a certificate of appreciation from the District Governor. The first Rotary Bus Shelter Campus at Rajkot's nerve centre-Jubilee Chowk and Traffic Safety signs were placed at various locations in co-operation with our Rotaractors

Exemplary Performance

Rtn. PP. Ramnikbhai Sanghvi, a leading Chartered Accountant was able to present a very commendable account of Rotary activity inspite of his professional limitations of time and personal presence He brought the full influence of his professional goodwill to bear on causes which interested Rotary. Three Eye Camps were organised that year at Rajkot, Bandra and Virnagar. The tragic demise of young, Rtn. Ashokbhai Gondhia came as a terrible shock to our membership which in due course lead to the formation of the Ashok Gondhia Memorial Trust. Later in the year a unique Rotary Medical Diagnostic camp was hied at Rajkot in co-operation with the Indian Mediacal Association, Rajkot Branch and the Ashok Gondhia Memorable Trust. Thirteen top medical specialists from Bombay flew in to examine 600 patients coming from all parts of Saurashtra. Medical files for each patient was previ­ously completed by a dedicated band of local specialists so that the visiting doctors could have the full facts on hand to advise further treatment. The Camp was followed by a Medical Seminar in which the visiting specialists shared their knowledge with the local medical profession. An outstanding feature of this camp was the follow-up action at Bombay and the enormous goodwill build up between the Club and the medical specialists of Bombay. Rovorod Swami Chidanandji Maharaj graced the inaugural function of this Camp with Shir Chimanlal Chakubhai Shah as a Chief Guest. A Rotary Deafness cum Speech Therapy Camp was also organised followed by operative surgery and donation of hearing aids. World Understanding Week was celebrated with gusto at the-Rajumar College. Mr. Abhilash K. Mehta was selected as a member of an outgoing team from our District under the Group Study Exchange Programme. A group of visiting Rotarians from the United Kingdom touring the country visited the Rotary Eye Camp at Rajkot, and were highly satisfied to see their financial contributions channelised through the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind being effectively put to use for alleviating the condition of the poor and needy in India through the agency of Rotary Clubs. Link relations were established this year with the Rotary' Clubs of Wembly, Wimborn and Manchester in the U.K. The Clubs monthly bulleting "ROTECHO" was regularly published. The Club was awardedfour prizes at the next District Conference at Indore for best Community Service, Best Rotary Activity, Best Rotary Eye Camp and Maximum number of Registrations at a District Conferences. The Trustees of the Khera Boarding placed the facilities of their spacious premises at Rotary's disposal. This Rotary year could well be summed up in a world..." SERVICE ".

More Feathers

Rtn. PP. Gatubhai Doshi gathered the the torch of Rotary service from Rtn. PP. Ramnikbhai Sanghvi. A memorable event under Youth Service was the scooter rally - Rajkot to Virpur and back. Held in co-operation with the Indian Oil Corporation the rally attracted a large number of contestants. Rotary Eye Camps were organised at Rajkot and village Bandra. Renewing our contacts with the medical specialists of Bombay a Cardiology Camp was organised at the Darbar Gopaldas Smarak Bhavan., Rajkot Branch and the Ashok Gondhia Memorial Trust Heart-valve transplant operations for the needy were arranged at Bombay Our old association with neighbouring village Madhapur was revived when the Club organised and Medical check-up Camp in co-operation with the N.S.S. students of the local Science College. A visiting Group Study Exchange Team was entertained and taken around for sight-seeing. Our Club seemed to have acquired an expertise in organising Rotary Eye Camps and directed Rotaract Activity for at the District Conference in Surat during 1979 the trophies for Best Rotary Eye Camp and Best Rotaract Activity once again came our way. Rtn. PP. Dinker Joshi received a citation for outstanding performance as the Governor's Group Representative for Rajkot and Gondal during 1977-78. For our Eye Camps we had link relations with the Rotary Clubs of Fulham, Dronfield and Briston and the Rotract Club of Falkirk, all in the U.K.

Reach out

Once again another Chartered Accountant Rtn. PP. Pravinbhai Punjani donned the Presidential collar, to reach out far and wide. The Club hosted an Inter-city Meeting on 19th November, 1979 with Rotarians from far off places as Indore, Vapi and Surat attending. Justice B.K. Mehta of the Gujarat High Court graced the inaugural function. Governor's special Representative Rtn. PP. Gatubhai Doshi made special efforts to bring Rotary to Jetpur for which formal approval frqm Rotary International was received. The Club bulletin "ROTECHO" was regularly published. In the avenue of Vocational Service the Club publised an attractive poster entitled basis for under­standing - for wide distributions in industrial establishments in order to foster harmonious employer-employee relations in business and industry. A two-day seminar on industrial relations was organised in co-operation with the Kutch Saurashtra Productivity Counsil. Industrial visits were arranged for the benifit of workers in industry to view the working of units other then their, own. Films depiciting the working of select Japanese industries were screened at the Sardar Smarak Bhavan for the benifit of people from industry. The main trust was in the avenue of community service. Two Rural Eye Camps were organised at village Anida and village Bandra in Gondal Taluka. This year too we had a team of visiting Rotarians from the United Kingdom come to view the organisation of Eye Camps in India. The visitors were amazed to see the excellent organisation of a Rural Eye Camp at village Anida, jointly sponsored by the Rotary Club of West White, United Kingdom. The camp at Bandra was under a link relation with the Rotary Club of Signal Hill (South Africa). The Secretary of the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind accompanying the visiting team of Rotarians was deeply impressed to see the substantial financial contribution routed through their agency being well spent for humanitarian causes in India. A Neurological Camp was organised in Sepetember in co-opration with the Ashok Gondhia Memorial Trust and the Indian Medical Association, Rajkot. Neurologists from Bombay were deeply impressed with very methodical presentation of each file and its up to date case history. A seminar was arranged the nect day for the benefit of the local doctors. A eafness cum Speech Therapy Camp was arranged followed by delicate surgery and providing of hearing aids. There was close co-operation between the Inner Wheel Club, Ghiya Medical Centre and our Club. A Rotary Diagnostic Center was started at the Khera Boarding near Bhilwas in Rajkot, to afford specialist medical aid to the poor and needy. The Rajkot Diabetic association now functions in Khera Boarding. The starting of this Center may be considered the Club's initial effort under the '3-H Program' with focus on 'HEALTH1. It was proposed to develop this Center into a full fledged Community Service Center in Rotary's 75th Anniversary year. Classes in "First Aid'' were arranged for the benifit of College students and industrial workers. A Chhas Kendra was set up at Mafatiapara with a Medical check-up Camp at Rotary's adopted village of the good old days Madhapar. The Club went all out in reviving the activity under Rural-Urban Relations. Kalipat village, 14kms. from Rajkot was our adopted village for the year. A child health camp was organised as a part of celebration of the International Year of the Child.

A socio-economic survey of the village was conducted which threw ample light on the conditions in the village. Rotarians used their good influnce with the concerned autho­rities to bring the State Transport Bus service to Kalipat. The School building were repaired and given a face lift. Recreation facilities were provided in the vicinity of the village school and sanitation blocks constructed. A medical center was run on every Sunday when Rotarian doctors found time to volunteer their services. By the end of the Rotary Year the Club's Reach-out was extensive with - substancial contributions coming in through cash and kind. Rotaract Activities were commendable. They started a Balwadi at Bhilwas to impart basic education to children upto the age of five. The Rotaractors were up and doing with activities such as an elocution competition, a 'raas mahotsav', assisting the public at the S.T.station during the Riksha Hartal etc. World Understanding / week and Rotary Anniversry Day and were jointly observed t a well attended function at. the Rajkumar College. Shri Chaitanya Maru was selected as a member of the outgoing Group study Exchage Team from our District. We had link Club relations under which greeting were exchanged with the Rotary Clubs of Parkvilla, North Kansas city and Glasgow all in the U.S.A. The following Rotarians became Paul Harris sustaining Members: Rtn. PP B.C. Sanghani Rtn. B.J. Nazir and Rtn. P.A. Pujani Guest speaker on Rotary Foundation day was Ex-Rotary Foundation Awardes Shri Amit Dhruv. A Rotary Bus Shelter came up at Trikon Baug near Sahakar Bhavan. On the whole it was a year ofhectic activity. At the Baroda Conference in January 1980 the Club was awarded the " Best Club of the District " and " Best Eye Camp" trophies.

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